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Public Affairs
Our team has successfully managed the public affairs of local, state and federal policymakers, nonprofits and trade associations.  Often, tipping the scale of public opinion in your favor means implementing long-term strategies that build trust with a diverse set of stakeholders who have competing interests.  It’s not always easy, but the results help move communities forward in a positive direction.

Public Relations
BPA’s public relations services help clients get ready for P.R.O.M.  Through strategic network relations, we make sure that a client’s message generates movement to attract the People, Revenue, Organizations and Media necessary to create realistic and long-lasting awareness.  We specialize in generating earned media and creating owned media to connect clients with their perfect audience.  This includes, but goes well beyond the standard tools of press releases and media advisories.  BPA creates media worthy events to grab and keep your audience's attention.

Crisis Communications
Let’s face it, stuff happens.  Sometimes when it happens, it plays out on the front page of the newspaper or all over your social media feed.  BPA has experience helping national political, business and entertainment figures tame the crisis and get back to business that is better than usual.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution
BPA believes that clear communication can resolve most problems and to that end, we offer licensed mediation and dispute resolution services.  In recent years, as court dockets grow increasingly full, many organizations are relying on mediation and dispute resolution as a faster and less expensive way to reach a mutually acceptable conclusion to conflicts. 

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