We Champion Davids

In a World of Goliaths




We are the Champions.


We love David's story.  With one sling shot, five smooth stones and a good dose of chutzpah, he taught us why and when to bet on the underdog.


We Champion Davids in a World of Goliaths.


With Courage, Clarity and Competence we are Your Clear Voice in a Crowded Market.




This is where we tell you what a whiz-bang team we are.  We soar beyond client expectations because we have assembled a team of communication and media professionals who are not only great at their craft, but who also love their craft.


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The Significance of a Symbol


The origin of our logo is quite easy to explain. A friend once referred to dragonflies as “butterflies with attitude.” We immediately fell in love. Well, as much as one can fall in love with a phrase... We fell in love.


When debating logos, we toyed with a number of images until one day we realized, it was right under our noses. Or we should say, it was pinned to our blouses. You see, after hearing the phrase “butterflies with attitude,” we had abandoned all other pins and broaches to almost exclusively wear exotic, simple, playful and funky dragonflies.


Like butterflies, we are lighthearted, colorful and creative free spirits. But don’t mistake our free spirit for lack of drive. We have an attitude of dedication that says, “Good is not nearly enough.” We have an attitude of determination that drives us to do better than best. We have an attitude of dependability that allows our clients to trust our word and our work.


The dragonfly or butterfly with attitude embodies our spirit. It underscores everything about the way we approach work. It explains why we soar beyond client expectations.

The Bass Sisters,


– Dee Dee Bass Wilbon & Deana Bass Williams



...A noisy media scrum on the campaign trail, the halls of Congress, a board room near the corner office C-Suite, in front of the camera, behind the camera...


Our world is wherever you need us to be.







2308 Mt. Vernon Avenue #330

Alexandria, VA 22301



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