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Pulse & Polling

Conservatives rightly have a natural aversion to what is called identity politics. However, for far too long, we have used this as an excuse to ignore legitimate outreach to the black community. Black Americans (like all Americans) are indeed concerned about high taxes, good schools, and safe communities. But some issues rate a more profound concern in Black communities, like voting rights and police reform.

Affinity Group Polls

It is wise to take a pulse check to understand what issues are trending as important or unimportant in the Black community and to take action to address these issues. Ignoring them is not an option.
BPA will provide regular updates on polling and commentaries from leading Black organizations.

The images to the left are from a Black Women's Roundtable and Essence poll. 

Reading the Crosstab on National Polls

Many national polls offer useful cross tabs for opinions in the Black community.  In a  recent poll from The Economist/YouGov Poll, we pulled details on issues of concern to Black Americans.


While issues of civil rights and civil liberties are important, Blacks, like most Americans, are most concerned with the economy.

Also, below is a sample of BPA tracking coverage of the cross tabs in a national poll.

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