Sen. Tim Scott Chairs Empower America Project to Champion Conservatives with Diverse Backgrounds

Media Contact: Anton Castaneda 906-9753

Washington, D.C. – South Carolina Senator Tim Scott will be honorary chairman of a new organization calledEmpower America Project that seeks to identify, train, and invest in conservative candidates from diverse backgrounds who believe in freedom and opportunity for all. Read the Wall Street Journal’s article about Empower America Project here.

Sen. Scott has long talked about the need for conservatives to reach out to minority and female candidates and voters. He has been vocal about his personal experiences as an African American growing up in South Carolina and the way those experiences shaped his philosophy and his mission as a U.S. Senator.

Empower America Project is born out of the values that inspire Sen. Scott – opportunity, freedom, and the need for civility in the political sphere.

The Project has a two-pronged mission. First, the Project will host training programs to identify and educate minority leaders about the political process, communication skills, and public policy. Second, the Project will educate the public about conservative candidates who embrace the Project’s core philosophy of freedom, limited government and opportunity for all.

“My story is the American story,” said Empower America Project Honorary Chairman Sen. Tim Scott. “I’m the grandson of a man who grew up picking cotton and never learned to read and the son of a single mom who worked double shifts to make ends meet. I managed to become a business owner, a county councilman, a U.S.

Representative, and a U.S. Senator. We have a responsibility as conservatives to show the less fortunate that the conservative message is one of opportunity and hope – just like it was for me as a young man. That is what Empower America Project is all about.”

“Sen. Scott is an inspiration to so many people all across the country,” said Executive Director Jimmy Kemp. “His story is proof positive that the American Dream is alive and well no matter where you come from or who your parents are. Empower America Project seeks leaders who embody the Tim Scott philosophy – conservatives who want to make sure all Americans have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.”

WSJ: Tim Scott Launches Effort to Recruit Minority GOP Candidates for Congress

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