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Women Athletes: Our Bodies, Our Sports - Protect Title IX

WASHINGTON, June 16, 2022 /BPALiveWire/

by Dee Dee Bass Wilbon

On June 23, Title IX turns 50. As a high school student in Columbus, Georgia, I had never heard of Title IX. Fast forward 35 years, and I understand the impact that Title IX had on my life and is having on my daughter's life.

If an education program receives federal funding, Title IX protects against discrimination based on sex. For half a century, Title IX has paved the way for women and girls to play. Fifty years ago, women's sports received, on average, two percent of college athletic budgets. Because of Title IX, athletic programs were no longer able to ignore women's sports.

The positive results of Title IX are breathtaking. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, "The girls' high school participation rate is greater than ten times what it was when Title IX was passed, an increase of more than 1,000 percent." Before 1972 about 300,000 women and girls played college and high school sports. Today well over 3 million women and girls participate.

My high school experience on the soccer field and as a cheerleader was not that of an all-star athlete. It did instill in me a lifelong habit of exercise and staying physically active. I can't imagine what my life and health would look like if I had not gained those lessons early.

My daughter does have the potential to be an all-star. She is a fierce Lacrosse goalie. But I've seen boys play Lacrosse. I am floored by the difference in their strength and the speed of play. As incredible as my daughter is, the average boy playing Lacrosse is ten times faster and stronger. If she had to compete against boys for a spot on her team, they would have an unfair advantage. If she had to play against boys, they would win.

We have seen girls on all levels of sports lose hard-earned positions on teams and medal platforms because they are forced to compete against boys who identify as girls.

If Title IX is compromised to say that boys can play girls' sports, girls' sports will end. It's just that simple.

I'm excited to add my voice to the Our Bodies Our Sports rally on June 23 in Washington, DC. I will join a group of meaningful voices from all walks of life and political affiliations who realize the importance of protecting Title IX and girl sports. To participate in the rally, register at

If accepted, unelected bureaucrats will be able to dismantle Title IX by redefining sex to mean gender and gender identity. The rule will require 30 days of public comment. Email to be notified when the rule is up for public comment so that you may add your voice to the thousands who want to #KeepWomensSportsFemale.

Dee Dee Bass Wilbon is a former high school athlete, a Lacrosse Mom and co-host of the podcast, Policy and Pound Cake.

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