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The Bass Sisters Join Jennifer Nassour the Political Contessa

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Dee Dee Bass Wilbon and Deana Bass Williams (#TheBassSisters) enjoyed catching up with friend and fellow conservative, Jennifer Nassour. Jennifer's podcast "Political Contessa" is rich with #commonsense conversations.

"I knew the minute I met Jennifer that she was a kindred spirit. She's a fearless mama bear who doesn't mind talking politics with people who share her point of view or disagree with her point of view."

In this interview Nassour and the Bass Sisters talk about the hypocrisy of the far left and the importance of bringing people back to the basics of right and wrong. The Bass Sisters share their strategies for avoiding selective outrage and share why it’s okay to tell someone when they’re doing something wrong. They talk about the importance of earning your fortune, discuss why college is not for everyone and that’s okay, and talk about various solutions to the college debt problem. The Bass Sisters share their thoughts on transgender issues and emphasize that they won’t be bullied into professing and celebrating what they don’t think is true.

Click here to listen on your favorite podcast platform.

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