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The Bass Sister Release Their First Book "Prayer & Pound Cake" To Encourage Entrepreneurs

WASHINGTON, D.C.- December 21 - Sisters and business partners Dee Dee Bass Wilbon and Deana Bass Williams’ newly released book encourages entrepreneurs to seek the divine when tackling business crises. Prayer & Pound Cake, The Bass Sisters’ Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Business offers desperately needed encouragement and strategic counsel to America’s small business owners.

“Since March 2020, one-third of American small businesses closed their doors because of challenges caused by the pandemic,” said Bass Wilbon, “We don’t kid ourselves about our fifteen-year success formula. We are unabashed believers in the power of prayer. Our business survives and thrives not just because of executing sound business strategies, but also because of prayers.”

Prayer & Pound Cake includes lessons divided into thirty-one days. Each day includes strategic business counsel, a Scripture, a prayer and a call to action for business owners.

Bass Wilbon and Bass Williams are champions and cheerleaders of entrepreneurs. Over fifteen years ago, they took the brave step and became small business owners when they launched their public affairs firm, Bass Public Affairs.

“We’ve learned some hard lessons over the last 15 years in business,” said Bass Williams. “We share them in Prayer and Pound Cake. What we do not share is the secret to our Mama’s homemade pound cake which has provided fuel along the journey!”

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