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NCPTF Leads Operation Chivalrous Knight to Resettle Hundreds of Afghan Orphans to the United States

In the last week, The National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF) partnered with former special forces members to lead Operation Chivalrous Knight and evacuate over 5,000 Afghan refugees. Today, they are working against time to “re-home” hundreds of Afghan orphans and unaccompanied minors.

“We have children whose parents couldn’t get out,” said Kevin Metcalf, CEO of NCPTF. “They made sure that their kids got over that wall or got through the gate. What I hope will happen is that this American spirit will once again step up and say we’re going to take those kids.”

The children have lived through enough trauma, some being orphaned at the gates of the airport, and the NCPTF asks the American people to come together and welcome them to the United States.

The children are currently receiving temporary care and medical attention in the United Arab Emirates but must be resettled within two weeks. Afghan communities and veteran-owned organizations within the U.S. are ready to assist the children with support for a stable life. The NCPTF is calling on the American people to join them in petitioning the State Department.


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