Just Read The Damn Bill: New Book Series Launches With An Analysis of the Equality Act

APRIL 26, 2021 WASHINGTON, D.C. - On Monday, BondGirl Books announced the Just Read the Damn Bill series. Inspired by what they believe was a complete mischaracterization of the Georgia voting rights bill, SB 202, BondGirl Books hopes the series will encourage Americans to read the legislation for themselves rather than trust the interpretations of biased national media and partisan politicians.

Each book offers a common-sense analysis of some of the most pivotal bills being debated in Congress. Co-founders of Bass Public Affairs, a Washington, DC-based communications firm, Dee Dee Bass Wilbon and Deana Bass Williams, are editors on the project. The Georgia natives initially thought Georgia SB 202 was an assault on voting rights. Then they read the bill and realized it was a victim of bad optics that opponents of the bill used to their advantage.

"For several years, Deana and I have been encouraging our network of friends and family to read legislation for themselves," said Bass Wilbon. "As we discussed what was actually in the controversial Georgia voting rights bill, we knew we had to do a better job of making reading bills interesting."

The first piece of legislation that the series tackles is H.R. 5, the Equality Act, which will be available in digital and print formats on April 29.

While mainstream media asserts that H.R. 5 is nothing more than an effort to safeguard the rights of gays and transgender people, the truth is a full attack on people of faith.

"Most Americans have no idea that the Equality Act dismantles both the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Civil Rights Act by eliminating conscience and religious protections," said Bass Williams. "Whether readers agree with our analysis or disagree, it's better to debate the issue when you have read the bill."

BondGirl Books will release H.R. 1 - The For (Some of) The People Act on May 10.

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