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Dr. Alveda King Receives Ph. D. and Continues Call To Empower Christian Leaders


CONTACT: Brian Mayes

PHONE: 615.771.2040

WASHINGTON, June 29, 2022 /BPALiveWire/

Honoring her commitment to empowering and training leaders to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, Dr. Alveda King took part in the two-day training conference and graduation ceremony for Logos Global Network. She was joined by Ginger Howard co-author of We’re Not Colorblind.

During the graduation ceremony, King received her Ph.D. and Howard an honorary doctorate from Aidan University. Aiden University is dedicated to serving Christ through the educational commitment to the local church around the world.

“I was called to found Alveda King Ministries to express the love of God to all humanity. I am thankful that the Lord has blessed me with today’s achievement in so much as it will help further that call,” said Dr. King. “My life’s goal continues to be expressing God’s love in such a way that people will be won to Jesus Christ.”

Pictured (L-R) Dr. Alveda King and Ginger Howard

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