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Dobbs “Leak” An Unhelpful Distraction

WASHINGTON, May 4 — Dr. Alveda King, evangelist, civil rights activist and pro-life advocate, offered the following remarks about the leaked draft of the United States Supreme

Court Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization:

"In the wake of the "leaked" draft of the highly debated Dobbs Case ruling, I salute leaders like my friend Brooke Rollins, President and CEO of America First Policy Institute and others who advise us to stay focused on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans and the entire human race.

"Brooke said, I agree, 'This leak of a draft Court opinion is unprecedented and deserves a full investigation. Decisions by the highest court in the land should be made through careful consideration of the Constitution, not politically motivated pressure campaigns. We will reserve comment until the final Court decision is published.'

As we await the Supreme Court's decision on Dobbs, the Alveda King Ministries will continue to pray for America, the American people and the integrity of our governing bodies. On May 5, viewers may join us in prayer by tuning in to my National Day of Prayer segment on Alveda King's House and visit Alveda King Ministries for up-to-date life-affirming resources.


Press Contact Brian Mayes (615) 771-2040


Evangelist Alveda King Founder, AlvedaKing.comFounder, Leader of Civil Rights for the Unborn Follow me @: "Where peripherals collide, convergence is imminent." - Alveda C. King John 3:16

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