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DAILY CALLER: Democrats Have Taken Black Women’s Vote For Granted. Will It Come Back To Bite Them?

by The Bass Sisters

In 2020, Joe Biden’s presidential bid was resurrected from life support by black women in South Carolina. The numbers bear us out; if the next Republican presidential candidate could garner 15% of the black female vote, it is game over for Democrats.

The Black Women’s Roundtable (BWR) and Essence magazine recently released a poll to gauge the pulse of black women in America. Brilliant Corners Strategies, a Left-leaning market research company, conducted the survey. However, even a poll commissioned and conducted by the Left for the Left could not hide the great displeasure that black women have with the Democratic party.

  • Only 9% of black women believe they are getting ahead.

  • 61% of black women Gen Xers and 68% of the black women from the Silent Generation say the economy is getting worse.

  • Only 65% of the black women would vote for the Democrats in the midterms. At least 92% of black women voted for the Democratic candidate in 2018.


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